What makes something Kafkaesque? (in loops)


The term Kafkaesque has entered the vernacular to describe unnecessarily complicated and frustrating experiences, like being forced to navigate labyrinths of bureaucracy. So, what makes something “Kafkaesque”? Here are some mind-bending animated loops to help you understand.



out of this world

Hair like vanilla fire
Spilled onto me
And said
Take me deeper
Than I just took you




This morning I turned the water on in the shower and it was cold, I waited and waited but the hot water never snaked it’s way to the 2 by 6 foot space on this planet that I happened to…


If I die before I wake

I have lost sense of time, the second hand may be moving forward, but doesn’t move anything with it. I feel back then just as much as I do right now, and tomorrow is as real as a mythological beast…

Halloween, 2016 I’m somewhere in Ohio and I’ve been...

Halloween, 2016

I’m somewhere in Ohio and I’ve been curled up like a dead spider in and out of sleep. my mind sapping from one dead branch to fallen leaf type thoughts but it’s all beautiful. things like “travel takes…


10/26/16 12:01AM

In a world of photos, voices are the ghosts.
Pixels lit by light from metal gods give something close to life but miss something. It’ll be 2017 sooner than it will be 2018, but it will still be 2018 sometime…


God, anycase "g"

When I hear the sound of running water, I am assured, comforted, by the grace. Call it God, Him or her, Her or him, it or all, it doesn’t matter so much. “Is” floats around, never stopping, if it does…