Strawberry swing

Got coldplay’s on now, but I think Frank’s version hits my heart harder, but also with a grace that even hell holds it’s breath for.

For we are all mortals, aren’t we?
Any moment this could go..

Any moment this…


Flying too low for the aliens to see

Maybe there is…something, else out there, more eyes or less, to see more or less, than me. Because Lord knows
I’ve missed a lot.
I’ve seen sunsets too much,
But always staring at something else when it rose.

I drag…

lately, population like conversation, few and far between....

lately, population like conversation, few and far between. I’m with all the ghosts I’ve put together, and now they are taking me apart. my album has been done, waiting at the stables, teeth starting to show, almost foaming at the…


inside the word "forgive"

there must be a thousand, maybe more,
angels, or demons,
or some twisted thing between
that take all the aching, the anger and curses, the moments in darkness that swim in sin and deceit,
that take the weight of forgiveness…


AC VENT / 2/15/16 11:53 AM

I don’t owe nothin to no one. I owe all this to myself. legacy breathes because I do. these hands were made for work, my voice made to lift a thousand thousand thousand souls. if they ain’t ready, they will…


GHOST ALIVE / 2/10/16 7:22 PM

her name just showed up in my junk mail. I thought of all the things I’d love to hear from her. I thought that her silence is worse than a curse aimed at my head. I thought that sometimes I…


sleepless work 2/10/16 2:39AM

I can’t sleep. I asked myself if I believe in myself. if I believe I’ll be on a stage one day in front of thousands, giving them the feeling through my music that so many others have given me. I’m…